Frequently Asked Questions

1). Why should I use striim instead of...?

striim has a simple, clean and efficient interface optimized exclusively for listening to and managing internet radio stations. Your alternative music player usually provides internet radio functions as a bonus feature or an after-thought. You deserve the best internet radio experience. You deserve striim.

2). How do I install striim?

Install striim via your distribution's package manager.

Your distribution may not have a package for striim. In that case, download the source code. Unpack it. Then, as root, run the following commands in a shell terminal.

root# ./configure
root# make
root# make install

3). Where can I get help?

You can use the forum to post any questions you have about striim. Registration is not needed to post messages on the forum. Join channel #sandbox on the server to chat with members of the striim community. You need an IRC client to join channel #sandbox.

4). Where do I report bugs?

Bugs are errors that prevent striim from working well. Use the bug report page to report problems you find with striim. Please provide detailed information about the problem.

5). How do I translate striim?

Read the tutorial on how to translate striim.

6). Where can I find good Internet radio stations, any favorites?

See the user guide for more information.

7). How can I contribute?

Show your appreciation and support by donating. Codewise, you can write plugins that extend striim's functionality and mail them to me. Documentation on how to extend striim is still in progress. striim welcomes translators, artists, documentation writers, web developers, testers, Internet radio enthusiasts, and casual users. Your feedback and contributions are valued.

8). Why did you develop striim?

I developed striim to:

  • scratch an itch;
  • learn and experiment with new ideas;
  • gain experience and expand my horizon;
  • contribute to Free Software and deliver it to you;
  • support Internet radio since the RIAA wants to kill it; and
  • support my family and myself.

9). How can I contact the developer?

Contact me via email to get in touch with me directly. I use Jabber for instant messaging. <> is my Jabber alias. You can also join channel #sandbox on the server to chat with me.

10). I have problems connecting to a station. What is wrong?

Are you behind a firewall? If so, you have to allow all outgoing connections. This is because some radio stations use ports other than 8000, unfortunately.

Many Internet radio stations limit the number of users that can connect to them. Some even block users from certain parts of the world. And then again, some stations just have poor services. There's also the possibility that a station may be temporarily out of service for a few minutes or hours.

Or, the problem could be at your end. Perhaps you have a slow Internet connection but you are trying to listen to streams with high bitrates. If you have a slow internet connection, you should chose lower bitrates streams (less than 128Kb). Using streams with lower bitrates is also recommended for users behind tor, or proxies.

At other times you just need to be patient. Connecting to some radio stations may take a while depending on the quality of service of the station and your internet connection speed. If striim can't connect for any reason, an error message will be displayed via its feedback system. The error message may provide clues as to why striim failed to connect.